About Us

Come-For is a company that unites a factory for the production of sleep products, an eponymous online store and a brand recognizable by many Ukrainians. Come-For offers reliable mattresses, comfortable pillows, high-quality home textiles and solid furniture.

Who are we?

The Come-For factory is located in the Kharkov region. Modern equipment is installed in our workshops, real professionals work here and undergo a thorough quality control.

Our own production facilities allow us to set an affordable price, quickly respond to changes in demand and promptly send orders to customers.


  • Our story began in 2005.

  • During this time, we have expanded the range of mattresses to 48 models, created a line of furniture and accessories for sleeping (pillows, blankets, sheets).

  • Created a spring block with a 10-year warranty.

  • We have established cooperation with 1500 shops that make comfort a part of life.

In our understanding, comfort is not only sleeping on a comfortable bed. We tried to expand this concept by creating a convenient site for choosing products for sleep. Here you will find detailed descriptions and photos of all products, convenient search filters and current promotions. And in order to make it easier for you to make a choice, there is a support service and a free hotline for you.

Come-For is not limited to the production and sale of sleep products. Our factory has its own service center, which quickly and efficiently performs warranty and post-warranty service of mattresses.

Our mission

We strive to improve the quality of sleep, and therefore the quality of life of our clients.

Come-For's mission is to create and maintain the best service and product that meets customer expectations.

That is why we do not stand still, but constantly study the wishes of consumers and improve our products:

  • We respond to reviews.

  • We are expanding the range.

  • We carry out comprehensive quality control in production.Используем безопасные материалы.

  • We support affordable prices.

Positive feedback from our customers not only confirms the high quality of the product, but also sets the bar high. By attracting new clients, we strive not only to meet expectations, but also to exceed them.

Noticing that the requirements for comfort are constantly growing, we have developed new lines of mattresses with more durable spring blocks, technological flooring materials and unique textiles. Now mattresses take care not only of the correct position of the body, the comfort of the back and muscles, but also of the psycho-emotional state. Get enough sleep, recharge, get away from problems, return vigor and energy - this is exactly what clients expect. And this is exactly the effect our mattresses have.

Our priorities

When processing each order, it is important for us to understand the client's need and provide the product that will really benefit. For us, a satisfied client is not so much luck as proof of our competence.

The Come-For company occupies a leading position in the Ukrainian market of sleep products. And in this we are helped by the priorities that we have been following for more than 15 years.

We respect and understand the needs of each client

If you ask 10 people what comfort is, you get 10 different answers. Someone likes to sleep on a hard, almost hard surface. For some, there is no greater pleasure than "drowning" in a soft airy bed. Someone is looking for the most modern and technologically advanced mattress for a new renovation in the bedroom. And someone is looking for a way to sleep on a regular sofa. We have a solution for every request. You just need to inform about your wishes, and we will select the perfect product.

Even if you need a custom-sized mattress, we will make it to order.

We remain accessible

This also applies to our information support and the prices of our products. If you have any questions, you can contact us in the chat on the website or call the toll-free number. If you want to see our products "live", you can visit almost any store of furniture and accessories for sleeping.

We support the average market price, and cumulative discounts from 3% to 7% are available for our clients, free shipping for orders over UAH 5000. and periodic warehouse clearance.

Putting quality first

Desire is not enough to create a quality product. The Come-For company unites the efforts of designers, workers of production departments, seamstresses, managers. We have installed high-quality equipment and carry out its maintenance in a timely manner, so we are sure that it will not let us down at the most crucial moment. For the production of products, only high-quality European raw materials are used, which are supplied to us by trusted reliable companies. 

The quality of Come-For products is not only in their content, but also in their appearance. Absolutely neat seams, graceful lines, pleasant tactility. Our mattresses and sleeping accessories create coziness and become a wonderful decoration for your home.

We care about safety

We have peace of mind when we know that our clients are safe. That is why we made a choice in favor of environmentally friendly hypoallergenic materials that we use in our products. All materials imported from Europe have been certified in Ukraine. They are strong, durable and hypoallergenic. Fillers are used as flooring layers, in which the appearance of dust mites is impossible. And for the upholstery, organic knitwear and cotton are used, which are pleasant to the touch and safe for the skin. The fillers are joined by safe Hot Melt technology and multilayer quilting.

We do not stop there

We continue to improve products, study customer needs, develop business relationships and train staff. Come-For participates in exhibitions, conducts trainings and seminars for partners, maintains the competence of employees. The industry of sleep products does not stand still, new technologies, materials and novelties appear. We constantly study the changing market, learn about new trends and create a worthy response in the form of quality products.


Come-For - it is not only the quality of sleep, but also a high culture of doing business.


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