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How to Find Us

Come-For is a Ukrainian manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses, futons, mattress covers, blankets and pillows. The company has been working since 2005, creating coziness and comfort in the homes of Ukrainians. Each product is the result of complex work. We study customer needs, create professional solutions, constantly improve our products, because the requirements to them from the consumer are constantly growing. Production of Come-For includes a full cycle of work from the creation of springs to the completion of flooring layers and sewing covers. All production halls and all products undergo strict quality control.

Why is it important to buy quality products for healthy sleep?

Sleep is a period when the body recovers and resumes its energy supply. A healthy night's sleep is 8 hours, which begins with a quick fall asleep and ends with a slight wake-up call. This period should be at least uncomfortable, and at the very least beneficial. It is to achieve our maximum goal that we create products for sleep. Our mattresses and pillows take care of the correct body position, muscle relaxation and optimal blood flow. Each body is unique and requires special care. The official online shop of the Com-for company offers products for adults and children, for people with high weight, for fans of sports and active lifestyle.

All products are pleasant to the touch and aesthetically appealing, they do not deform, do not sag, they are hypoallergenic and for a long time maintain a feeling of freshness and purity.


We cooperate with the best material suppliers from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, England and Turkey. So you can be sure of the safety and durability of mattresses and accessories bought here.

Mattresses are produced using:

  • elastic fillers with Visco Memory and Cloud Memory, Memory Foam and Memory Gel effects;

  • environmentally friendly latex coconut coir;

  • Soft Foam, Light foam, Mono Foam, Orto Foam and Extra Foam of different levels of rigidity;

  • advanced polyurethane Spring Foam;

  • dense and elastic thermoflex;

  • natural and long-lasting latex, giving a sense of absolute relaxation.

We use the technique of multi-layer quilting and hot melt gluing with safe thermal adhesive to connect the layers. No unpleasant odours and toxic fumes!


The Come-For online mattress shop offers a unique series of products designed to meet your needs.:

  • Active - mattresses of medium stiffness with independent Pocket Spring and a combination of several layering layers. Suitable for lovers of an active lifestyle, providing full rest for all muscles.

  • Aero - thin mattresses for sofas. They securely fix, align the surface and prove that you can't deny yourself comfort even when you don't have a bed.

  • Come-For — a basic series of inexpensive mattresses, accessories and furniture.

  • Dynasty — premium mattress series with a unique independent pocket spring at the base of Sky 7, several anatomical layers, reinforced frame and a beautiful Imperial Soft fabric on the outside.

  • EXTRA — hard and extra-hard mattresses that can withstand up to 160 kg of berth load.

  • Infinity — foam products in the medium price segment, which perfectly maintain sleeping temperature and distribute the load evenly.

  • Notte — an economy segment with dependent springs, has basic comfort and low cost.

  • Regeneration — premium mattresses with Biorhythmic technology, which uses mineral molecules for regenerative effects on humans.

  • Smart Kids — a line of children's sleep products - absolutely safe and resistant to wear and tear.

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